Saturday, September 12, 2009

Today's "grassroots" anti-Obama rally was brought to you by:

Corporate contributers:

  1. MetLife (source: Wikipedia)
  2. Phillip Morris (source: Wikipedia)
  3. SBC/AT&T (source: Wikipedia)
  4. Verizon (source: Wikipedia)
  5. Bristol Myers Squibb (source: Rachel Maddow)
  6. SleepMed (source: Rachel Maddow)
  7. Medicines Company (source: Rachel Maddow)
Americans for Prosperity/Patients United Now:
  1. Koch Industries (Koch’s founder helped found the John Birch Society)
  2. Altria (formerly known as Phillip Morris)
  3. Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  4. CIGNA Dental
  5. Pfizer
  6. Microsoft
  7. ExxonMobile
So this is how these people afford to roam the country with crazy signs? And that's supposed to be grassroots? Looks like racist hillbillies doing the dirty work for billion dollar corporations.

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