Friday, September 11, 2009

The polarized political landscape

Obviously the right wing in this country today is scared; they waved the flag all through the atrocities of the Bush Administration, but now all of a sudden for them government is bad. Health care means death camps, socialism, blah blah blah. Oh yeah, and since the President is black he's not an American citizen.

Sometimes I wonder if all it's about is hurting brown people. Hurting gay people. Hurting people different than them because that's what bigots do. They divide the country with hate so they can be smug in their righteousness.

They want Obama to fail. They listen to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, they parade in the streets with angry signs, and they see Obama as the enemy. They don't want to admit failure of their crazy ideologies, or admit that people are suffering as a result of 8 years of Bush who took a 5 trillion surplus and turned it into giveaways to the war corporations while demanding "people better be careful what they say."

Yes, government can be bad as we saw during the Bush Administration. The cooler heads among us prevailed and elected someone who would represent the interests of the country and not allow 9/11, torture or future Katrinas to happen in our country again.

These very people who now point their finger at Obama and accuse him of lying, should be called out for what they are ... shameless hypocrits. And total douchebags.

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