Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pretty Lights | Gone In Oregon

You can download the tracks for free (donation recommended) from the Pretty Lights website: www.prettylightsmusic.com

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Alternative Consumer - Envision Solar – coming soon to a parking lot near you

The system provides the restaurant with an array of Solar Trees, equipped with an electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle charging station.  The Solar Trees provide shade for diners’ vehicles, while simultaneously allowing the restaurant to offset some of its energy usage through the grid-connected solar system.

In the near future you'll be able to charge your Chevy Volt in a solar parking lot.

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Is Obama missing a golden opportunity on energy? - Gulf Oil Spill 2010 | Gulf Oil Spill Pictures, Gulf Oil Spill News - Salon.com

If you can’t explain to the public now that there are hidden costs of our addiction to fossil fuels, that fossil fuels are injurious to our health, the environment and national security, when can you?

I keep advocating Solar Roadways ... electric cars and more solar homes would be great too. The bulk of our oil consumption is in the combustible engine.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Moratorium on offshore drilling passes Oregon Senate | OLCV Education Fund

February 10

Bill to protect coastal communities, local jobs and pristine beaches now heads to governor's desk.

A bill that extends Oregon’s moratorium on offshore drilling for ten more years passed the Oregon Senate today with a vote of 22-8.

House Bill 3613, sponsored by Rep. Ben Cannon (D-Portland), protects Oregon’s coast from the threat of offshore oil and gas exploration for the next ten years, preserving coastal jobs and businesses which depend on more than $1 billion a year in fishing and recreation dollars and reinforcing Oregon’s commitment to renewable energy.

“Oregon lawmakers recognized this bill as an opportunity to preserve jobs and protect Oregon’s unique coastal legacy at the same time” said Brock Howell, Advocate for Environment Oregon. “Representative Ben Cannon led the charge and Oregon’s coastal caucus leaned in with their full support in getting this bill to the governor’s desk.”

Read the full story.

One reason I love Oregon so much is that we love our natural environment.

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Palin promotes offshore drilling in the middle of oil spill | Raw Story

We believe that God shed his grace on thee,” she said. “We still believe that America is exceptional.

Apparently God is an oil leak. The comment dubbing Palin as Lady Blah Blah is spot on.

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Greenspan Wanted Housing-Bubble Dissent Kept Secret

Had Guynn's warning been heeded and the housing market cooled, the financial collapse of 2008 could have been avoided. But his comment was kept secret until Friday, when the central bank released the transcripts of Federal Open Market Committee meetings for 2004 and CalculatedRisk spotted it. The transcripts for 2005 to the present are still secret.

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