Monday, July 11, 2011

Zap Republicans

If you've been paying attention to the debt ceiling debate you probably already know that Republicans want the government to default on it's debt unless Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and services that benefit the middle, working and poor classes are cut.

Republicans will not budge on raising taxes on the wealthiest and closing corporate and individual tax loopholes. As usual, they claim raising taxes on the wealthiest will kill jobs. We have had 30 years of supply side economics, aka "trickle down," and it hasn't worked. We've had ten years of Republican tax cuts on the wealthiest, and while corporate profits and income disparity are at their highest levels, we continue to lose jobs. Obviously, Republican ideology is the failure.

Republicans don't care about the economy or jobs. Eric Cantor is short selling in hopes of a default. And Republicans will not accept any deal that raises taxes on the wealthiest, or even closing a tax loophole that benefits private jet owners. Republican Orin Hatch says the poor should do more to shrink the debt, not the rich.

There is a class warfare going on here, and it's being waged by the very ones who cry out class warfare whenever shared responsibility is asked from them. It's clear who the real welfare queens are and it's Republicans and their lobbyists.

I wonder what would happen if the millions of us spent the next few weeks tying up the phone, fax and e-mail communications of the GOP with the message: Pay your share!? Can we disrupt the GOP so much that they can't raise funds or communicate? Can we get them to listen?

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