Monday, May 3, 2010

Moratorium on offshore drilling passes Oregon Senate | OLCV Education Fund

February 10

Bill to protect coastal communities, local jobs and pristine beaches now heads to governor's desk.

A bill that extends Oregon’s moratorium on offshore drilling for ten more years passed the Oregon Senate today with a vote of 22-8.

House Bill 3613, sponsored by Rep. Ben Cannon (D-Portland), protects Oregon’s coast from the threat of offshore oil and gas exploration for the next ten years, preserving coastal jobs and businesses which depend on more than $1 billion a year in fishing and recreation dollars and reinforcing Oregon’s commitment to renewable energy.

“Oregon lawmakers recognized this bill as an opportunity to preserve jobs and protect Oregon’s unique coastal legacy at the same time” said Brock Howell, Advocate for Environment Oregon. “Representative Ben Cannon led the charge and Oregon’s coastal caucus leaned in with their full support in getting this bill to the governor’s desk.”

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One reason I love Oregon so much is that we love our natural environment.

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